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Specialist Business Brokers for the Property Services Industry.

" selling is not only about price, but finding the right buyer that culturally fits your business "
- Matt Ciallella, Director & Founder

The MC Selling Methodology


Business Review – You may be looking to retire, exit the market, sell down to key staff or just sell your rent roll. Whatever the reason it needs to be the right decision regardless of whether you chose to sell now or later.


Negotiation of Sale – ‘mc’ approaches qualified and confidential prospective purchasers respecting the confidential nature and sensitivity of the sale. A standard Heads of Agreement is negotiated in order to minimize future disputes including final terms & conditions in order to maximize the sale for the vendor.

Exchange of Contracts – ‘mc’ looks after the initial deposit in their trust account making sure funds are disbursed appropriately for completion as well as future settlement and split of retention monies.

Pre-Settlement – Transitioning the rent roll is the key and making sure every owner signs a newly completed MAA in the purchaser’s company name. Choosing the right buyer is one thing, but communicating to owners is crucial in maximizing retention throughout the sale process. ‘mc’ will audit all returned MAAs ensuring they are compliant, as well as assist with the transition and creating a communication plan.

Final Settlement – when all returned signed MAAs are available for settlement, ‘mc’ will undertake managing the settlement with both parties solicitors’ managing the disbursement of funds ensuring settlement happens swiftly and easily.

Final Transition – After the initial completion there are often more signed MAAs to be obtained from owners in order to complete the sale. ‘mc’ will undertake the responsibility of managing remaining settlements as well as manage and mediate the retention monies in order to ensure the sale is complete.

We are the No.1 trusted specialist rent roll broker. We work with you to achieve the right outcome through specialist knowledge to achieve best possible price.

We specialise in due diligence for buyers, helping you remove the noise so you can focus on key statistics in the rent roll, and formulate a strong offer.

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We help people enter and exit their real estate businesses.
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