Understanding the benefits of an expert sales management

“You wouldn’t tell your prospective vendors to sell their own home, so why would you sell your own business/agency and rent roll?" While there are many other agencies in your area that would potentially buy your business and/or rent roll, have you got the expertise and time to dedicate to the process? A few things to ponder:

  • Do you have a plan?

  • Do you have resources purely dedicated to the sale AND to transition your rent roll?

  • Can you achieve the best price?

  • Do you have a solicitor with a sound contract that addresses every detail?

For over 10 years we’ve been successfully matching buyers with sellers. We know that finding a buyer is only a small part of a much larger process.

Below is an overview of the MCRRB process from start to finish. Each step is involved and our clients quickly see the immense value in engaging an expert. It's so much more than hand holding through the process. Contact us at any stage to discuss your personalised approach to getting the best results.

Process Flow